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Resource Roundup: Vimeo, Swapcard and vFairs

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

In the world of professional event planning and management, we have a few go-to resources that make it infinitely easier to facilitate a great experience. This is a roundup of three of our favorite tools:

  1. Vimeo

  2. Swapcard

  3. vFairs

There are other options, but these are ones we’ve found to be easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to accomplish specific tasks that support a winning event.

Read on, and for more information on how our world class event management team can help you design and host your next gathering, fill out the form here.

Vimeo for Events

Every event we’ve hosted in the last decade has had some video component. Video is a powerful tool to tell a story, capture attention, have eye-catching background visuals, and is of course essential for online events.

Vimeo is our video hosting platform of choice because it has all of the features and functionality you could need:

Hosting Company Videos

You may use pre-recorded videos — everything from teasers to announcements to commercials to training — as you run your business. All of this is easily accomplished through standard Vimeo features. Vimeo videos can also be embedded into your website, which avoids the heavy file size and optimizes your site pages for user experience.

Virtual Events With Vimeo

Vimeo Events is a great way to go live or host any kind of virtual events. It has split screens, interactive elements, customization, design options, and integrates with other platforms. You can do registration straight through Vimeo, hook up your email platform to send fully branded reminders and communication, and plug it into your other marketing software. It’s a great way to pre-build a video event, user guest speakers, and get a browser-based virtual event experience.

Video Marketing and Monetization

Event videos may be a huge hit, and can be used as marketing collateral or internal messaging. When you want to build hype about an event, last year’s video is usually a go-to. All of this is made easy by the way Vimeo lets you build libraries and playlists, and disseminate content links for easy sharing. If you really want to up your game, you can monetize popular Vimeo videos for a revenue generating option.

Swapcard for Events

Swapcard is one of the best end-to-end event management software on the market. It leverages advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, to make it simple to plan in-person and hybrid events.

Swapcard has an array of features that we enjoy:

  • Highly customizable and configurable registration

  • Tools for managing virtual events in any format on any platform

  • Tools for managing hybrid events, enabling a unified experience for both in-person and online attendees

  • Event mobile app and web-based interface

  • An AI-fueled networking platform

An added bonus, in addition to all of these possibilities, is Swapcard’s exhibitor lead management system. It provides visibility into the return on investment and revenue generated by individual exhibitors. This makes it easy to calculate spend and return, and evaluate the performance of various event vendors.

Swapcard has expanded its reach in recent years to include partnership options, a robust help center, additional event resources, and has a team that hosts the Event Industry Podcast. Regardless of your current proficiency with digital event management tools, Swapcard makes it easy to use tech to achieve the goals of your event.

vFairs for Events

vFairs is a second all-in-one event management platform that goes above-and-beyond in the realm of immersive virtual event experiences. Through this award-winning software, users can create virtual venues, host webinars, use chat tools, facilitate matchmaking, and create lifelike virtual events.

By building highly engaging, highly interactive virtual experiences, vFairs helps you combat “webinar fatigue” and elevate audience engagement. You can custom build scenes and scenarios that include virtual lobbies, exhibit halls, auditoriums, and more. They even offer “event gamification,” which is a next level way to make corporate events exciting and fun.

While vFairs has recently focused their expertise on running virtual events, the platform also has features that support in-person and hybrid events. These include sponsorship management systems, extensive tracking and reporting, and accessibility functions.

Event Resource Recommendations, and So Much More

Using the right tools is key to success in today’s markets. As businesses resume events of all kinds, it’s important that you leverage the technological tools available to capture and keep people’s attention.

The Wynning Experience is a team dedicated to your success. We regularly facilitate events for mid-size to large corporations nationwide. Our work is well-known in many industries, and we work hard to keep you on the cutting edge of tech tools and best practices for events.

If you have any events in the works this year, we’d be happy to chat. Reach out today to learn more!

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