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"Our clients require solutions that are creative, remarkable, nimble, and inclusive. We exceed these expectations by harmonizing with their highest priorities."

Allyson M. Wynn, Event Producer, CEO


Why Work With
The Wynning Experience?

Events give you countless opportunities to engage with your customers in a meaningful way and position your brand as an integral part of their daily lives. Our event-production roadmap is powered by our proprietary turnkey success process — I.M.P.A.C.T:

  • Immersion — A deep dive into your brand, your values, and your customers

  • Measurement — Establish the goals and metrics of success for your program

  • Points of Intersection — Identify the sweet spots between your customer’s mindset and your brand promise

  • Analyze — Inspire. Brainstorm. Prioritize. Plan

  • Completion — Seamless execution of your customized event strategy

  • Tangible Results — Evaluation of your ROI 

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