• Allyson Wynn

Nothing Stays the Same

Planning an event that goes the extra mile and meets company aims and initiatives is the intent. Having great experiences and creating an end product that's memorable plus a ROI is the goal.

The events of the day have changed the way companies do business. It’s changed the way they reach customers. It’s changed the way they interact with customers. It’s changed the way they take part in day-to-day business operations. If a company can take advantage of that change and embrace the ‘new normal,’ it will set them apart from all others.

As a corporation, keeping your brand relevant and part of the conversation is fueled by noise and chatter. Noise is created through social media, advertising, merchandising, cold calling, all of which keep businesses viable.

However, if you want to grow and expand your business, you’ve got to think beyond the noise and focus on the reach. A virtual event will not only create the expected buzz but it has the potential to increase reach and participation beyond expectations.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention,” is a well-known proverb driven by the need to create something new, to do something different. During the pandemic, many took to drive-in theaters to reach their audience. Celebrity artists like John Legend and Keith Urban, held virtual concerts from the comforts of their home to connect with current and future fans. As they say, nothing stays the same.

During times of transition, those that learn to pivot win. Virtual events that are exciting, explosive, and offer limitless audience participation are no-brainers. The sky’s the limit!

In addition to expanding your reach, virtual events will inspire your team, company, and customers to take business to the next level while still maintaining social responsibility. Companies can set realistic goals of reaching twice as many customers as any event to date. There’s no ceiling. As an industry leader, the time is now to place your trust in the best virtual planner to make the right calls and understand the ‘big picture.

The Wynning Experience has the knowledge, experience, and the team to make noise and reach current and potential customers through thoughtful virtual event planning. As a bonus, we will share how to keep those attendees for future events, turning those potential customers into loyal, new customers. By keeping the pipeline open for continued growth, your company will reach beyond the reach and set the bar for future successes.

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