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When Going All The Way Isn't Safe, Hybrid Is A Solution

By going hybrid and combining an in-person event with a digital experience, you are investing in the future of your next conference, trade show, meeting, or event. Do a stellar job and the virtual participants may buy a ticket to the ‘live show’ next time around.

Combining two experiences does not have to be complicated. There is a suite of solutions and with a knowledgeable staff like The Wynning Experience the one event becomes two experiences.

A hybrid event has an in-person component and a virtual component. In today’s environment you are looking for the best of both worlds. The people who attend an in-person event are your core audience. They are your best customers, the ones who speak well of you on the street, the people you can count on and depend on to always be there.

The virtual experience in a hybrid event is how you gain momentum. There are a few reasons why customers prefer the virtual component. The most obvious in today’s climate is the pandemic. People are afraid to fly. They are afraid to engage with other people, especially if they are 50 or over. This group is less likely to risk face-to-face interactions unlike their younger counterparts.

The second reason for staying home is the unknown reason. Virtual audiences sometimes require selling. They do not know if the content is good enough to get in the car, drive to the event, stay in a hotel, and spend the extra dollars. They do not see the value in traveling to just learn about a specific topic. After all, time is money.

By putting up the proverbial ‘virtual wall,’ they can schedule time at the computer, click on a link, and see if they want to hang around. Congratulations, you have discovered an untapped audience. If the virtual event is good, they are more likely to attend virtually again. If the content is good, they might make an effort next time to come in-person. As in-person events get smaller, it is up to you to ‘blow it out’ with an engaging virtual experience to add digits to your loyal core base.

There is more value added in a hybrid event than an (all) in-person event. For those thinking of staying with the traditional (all) in-person event, there’s big savings to the bottom line when switching to the hybrid format. First, there is a big cost savings on travel, food, drinks, and incidentals. Second, there are fewer customer dinners and ‘social hours’ decreasing dollars spent on entertainment. Third, the hours spent traveling to get to an event, saves valuable work time.

Scalability of a virtual audience is unlimited. With the expanding reach generated from a limitless virtual audience, profit margins will increase. Not to mention the lead pool collected as a result of an event with so many participants. By combining the virtual platform with the in-person event, you will reduce operating costs, expand reach, and improve ROI.

Government restrictions due to COVID-19 could disrupt an (all) in-person event. By having a smaller crowd, special attention can be paid to social distancing efforts, proper PPE, and sanitation of the venue, food, and beverage. Your virtual audience will be free from worry.

Data collection is another positive resulting from hybrid events. With the virtual tools available today, gathering data offers unique insights to audience engagement. For instance, if the moderator on the virtual side of the event is answering questions or acknowledging posted comments from the virtual wall, that information can be a great insight to audience participation and interest. The collected data can carry over into marketing and other operations. These insights can lead to powerful, unified messaging reaching people everywhere.

The Wynning Experience can produce turnkey programs for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. By combining both in-person and the digital experience, you can meet the needs of all your customers. At The Wynning Experience we want your company to make an I.M.P.A.C.T.

Together, we immerse ourselves into your brand, values, and customers. Together, we measure the success of the program based on your metrics. Together, we intersect your customers' needs with your brand promise. Together, we analyze the plan to inspire, engage, and transform. Together, we completely execute the perfect plan. Together, we bring tangible ROI results. Together, we Wynn.

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