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What to Look for in an Event Management Company

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Experience. Innovation. Professionalism.

Hosting an event can be one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal. In real-time, your client base experiences your business culture, and hears salient messaging that reinforces your mission. An event can launch new initiatives and accelerate growth in a myriad of ways.

You don’t want to just hand over the responsibility of event planning to just anyone. You want to look for an event management company you can trust. This article will give you some tips on what to look for, how to vet companies, and how to choose one that perfectly meets your needs.

1. Look for Creative Ideas

Hosting an event is not a unique endeavor, and you can go with the same-old boiler plate approaches, or you can think outside the box. Look for event management companies with a reputation for innovation, or ones whose work you’ve already seen in action. You want your attendees to be surprised, delighted, engaged – experiencing something new and exciting.

2. Keep it Professional

From conception to completion, your event management company should be the embodiment of professionalism. They should act with accountability and answer every message promptly. Your event planner should explain the process from beginning to end, be available to you when you need them, and fully understand the responsibility you’re giving them. Planning an event requires strategic thinking and flawless execution. This is all best left to professionals.

3. Check Qualifications

Event management companies should lead with what they’ve done, and that list should impress you. A company that has been around for years can anticipate problems and help you craft an event that runs without a glitch. Qualified companies with experience also have access to the best vendors and are well-connected, which makes it easier for you to enlist top talent to support your event.

4. Read Testimonials

How do people talk about this company online? How do their clients feel? Feedback is everything. Look at reviews on social media platforms, Google, Yelp, etc. Read what the company did that was good and read what the company did that was bad. Be discerning, because some people hate to hate and love to love. Tune into what qualities are important to you and read to see if those traits are what people praise the company for.

5. Do They Have Infrastructure and Resources?

How is the company set up to accommodate either in-person or virtual events? What is their network like, and what resources do they have? COVID-19 has changed event planning forever. We will go back to in-person events, which we already have, but many businesses have discovered that virtual events have advantages. Now, people from around the globe can all meet in one place.

You have to ask a company how they can handle a virtual event or even a hybrid event where people gather both in person and online:

  • What is their strategic plan?

  • Do they use the latest technology?

  • How do they handle registration?

  • Which platform do they suggest, and do they help manage the materials to be shared on that platform?

  • How will they design the experience?

  • Do they provide technical and A/V support?

  • Do they provide pre-, during, and post-event analytics?

So, those are the five big criteria to analyze as you look for an event management company.

Another way to frame it is to evaluate an event production company based on the full scope of an event. We call it the “five Cs,” and it can add some extra insights.

Can They Meet the “Five Cs” of Event Management?

Here’s what those are:

Concept — The who, what, when, where, and why of the event. These details need to be clear and serve as the compass for the planning throughout.

Coordination — This is the planning stage of every event, addressing each detail involved from the theme to the food to the music and everything in between.

Control — Event control compares the event’s progress to the actual plan. Measurements must be in place to ensure the event stays on-time and within budget.

Culmination — The moment when every detail that came before the day of the event itself is realized. It will determine whether the experience for the attendees is memorable or not.

Closeout — Post-event activities are essential in highlighting the level of success you have achieved. A thorough review and evaluation are necessary for a company to continually perfect its methodology.

Bonus: Culture

What are the intangibles an event management company brings to the table? What is the “extra” they offer? A company’s culture says a lot about how they work with people and the work ethic you can expect. Do they work with just one type of client, or are their talents such that they can serve diverse populations?

Event Planning Essentials

What do companies need to create a great, engaging event-online or in person? This can be a long list, but also help you if you’re comparing a shortlist of event management companies. For example, are these factors in place, or at least discussed early on?

  • Quantifiable goals: The event management company needs to know your purpose for having the event. Do you want to attract a certain amount of attendees? Do you want to sign new clients? Do you want to lift morale? Without knowing the purpose, they cannot design a plan.

  • A multi-channel marketing plan: A marketing strategy to promote the event is vital. The more multifaceted it is, the more effective it will be because the scope of the audience will increase.

  • An event agenda: What is happening and in what order? The attendees don’t need to know that it is so structured, but the people behind the scenes must for everything to run smoothly and effectively.

  • Preparation: You can never be too prepared. It is as simple as that. If your event planner has thought of everything, your event will be a success.

The Wynning Experience: the Best Event Management Company for Growth-Minded Leaders

The Wynning Experience (TWE) is a minority-owned company that has stood the test of time.

For over 20 years, they have offered a fresh perspective, meeting the needs of diverse groups of people. Lasting twenty years is a testament to our talents. Surviving the last two years proves our level of innovation.

The Wynning Experience has the qualifications you should look for and the testimonials other companies wish for. We have all the resources necessary to produce exciting and engaging live, virtual, and hybrid events.

Reach out to learn more, and join our email list to get the latest news from the world of event planning and management.

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