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THE Emergency Kit Every Event Planner Should Have

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

My mother always said there are two ways to learn things:

1. The Easy Way

2. The Hard Way

I've discovered that having an Emergency Kit on hand at every event is a good thing. I've come to learn (the hard way) that each event has a surprise factor, and as a result, you should expect roadblocks, snags, and setbacks. Having an Emergency Kit on hand will save you a lot of aches including heart, head, and you may even feel it in your wallet quite a bit. So what should be in your event planner’s Emergency Kit? I’m glad you asked because today you will get the ultimate list of things that will get you out of a pickle in a flash. If you have been in the event planning arena for some time, then you will know that there is no such thing as being over-prepared. This is THE Emergency Kit every event planner should have!

An Assortment of Batteries

Pencils & Pens

An Assortment of Chargers

Sewing Kit

Spot Remover (Tide)


First Aid Kit


An Assortment of Tape*

Power Strip

Hand Sanitizer

Hand/Body Wipes


Eye Drops

Elastic Bands


Extension Cord


Measuring Tape

Zip Ties

Clear Polish

USB Stick

Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

Post-it Notepads


Small Tool Kit***

Ziploc Bags

Garbage Bags

Small Dental Kit****



Swiss Army Knife


Paper Clips

Small Stapler



Snack/Granola Bars


Bug Spray


Cleaning Wipes (Clorox)

List of Emergency Numbers

Extra Cash

Lint Brush


Plug Adapters

An assortment of Glue*****

*Masking, Velcro, Electrical, Scotch, and Duct Tape

**Bobby, Safety, and Straight Pins

***Hammer, Wire Cutters, Pliers, Screws, Nails, and Box Cutter

****Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Tongue Cleaners, Floss, Tooth Picks

*****Super Glue, Elmer’s Wood & Craft Glue

Event planners are problem-solvers by nature. We can think quickly on our feet. But the unexpected may strike at any time, regardless of how far we go to ensure that we've anticipated every detail of an event. Having an Emergency Kit empowers you to address difficulties swiftly and efficiently.

Is there anything you could include to the Emergency Kit? Have you ever done anything unusual to get yourself out of a bind at an event? Please share your experiences and advice if you responded yes to either question.

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This is Allyson Wynn signing off and may all your events be a "Wynning Experience"!


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