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Making Automation Work For You

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Today's article is about how to make automation work for you. "What the heck is automation, anyway?" you ask. Automation is a tool that allows you to perform tasks automatically, such as sending emails, updating social media profiles, and publishing blogs and articles. It's also an excellent method of staying in touch with previous customers, sponsors, and exhibitors while simultaneously recruiting more if possible.

So, how do you get started automating things like posts and so on? To begin, ask yourself what issue does automation solve? How can I use it to enhance my business? Make a simple list of objectives and goals for automation. Evaluate whether this expenditure will lighten the burden on your shoulders or add to your "to-do" list. Automation is a technology that's supposed to make your job easier; if it adds additional responsibilities, however, scratch it off the list. After you've decided whether or not to go ahead with it, figure out what activities you want done automatically.

You may automate blog posts, newsletters, speaker content, event announcements, webinars, advertising, and other event information. You should also think about what tasks you don't want to be automated. This includes real-time items such as top stories, customer comments, newly acquired entertainment for your event, investments, collaborations, sponsorships, and other business news that must be published in real time. Budget out the amount of time and money you want to spend as well as what specific tasks you'd like automated. Make a list of your event's marketing tools and take some time to learn how automation works and whether it is available for any and all of those tools. If so, you'll be able to save yourself a lot of precious time — maybe even hire someone to do it for you!

Your scheduling should take place at least 30 - 60 days before your event. After your initial scheduling, make it a habit to monitor your schedule releases. You may need to make some last minute changes to a post or communicate with someone who has responded to a scheduled email or posting. With planned posts, you may schedule non-scheduled interactions. This adds a personal touch to the mix. There are several automation apps and programs available for download. There are a variety of automation tools on the market, but a few of the top brands include Marketo, Sprout Social, and Silver Pop. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs. All of these tools offer a wide range of features, so be sure to research which ones are best suited for your event marketing strategy.

The goal is to plan, track, and communicate. Follow these three steps and you'll be well on your way to becoming a successful, tech-savvy Event Planner! As always, we wish you the best in all that you do! If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write them below or email us.

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