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Lights, Camera, Action!

How Photo Booths Elevate Events

Lights, camera, action! But this doesn’t mean you have to hire a photographer for your event to get the best shots. Photo booths for events have grown in increasing popularity over the past few years and today we will explore why you should most definitely use photo booths for your event.

#1 - Photo booths often provide better-quality photos.

Most booths are equipped with high-definition DSLR cameras. This means your clients will have access to studio-quality pics at their fingertips.

#2 - Reduces Fuss and Waste.

Photo booths allow users to have control over which photos they want to keep and print versus looking through an extensive catalog of pictures, provided by photographers. This reduces the amount of waste that is accumulated through the traditional process and the attendees/participants will be much happier to be in control.

#3 - The versatility is limitless.

People love these booths because they provide so many options for the user. You can add signs, photo frames, backdrops, wigs, props, etc. to heighten the experience. I often hear giggles coming from the photo booths at your events because they are so darn fun for users.

Furthermore, users have several options on how they receive the fabulous pics that they take. Pictures can be distributed digitally via text or email or printed on-site. QR Codes allow users to access their private gallery of pics from the event to purchase and/or share in the future. Users also have the option in many cases to create swag or keepsake gifts from the pics they take in the booths. Keychains, GIFs, metallic prints, t-shirts, and much more can be created!

Have you used photo booths for your event? How did it turn out? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

As always, WE would like to wish you the best in all that you do!

Schedule a meeting with our team of experienced and talented event professionals today. WE go above and beyond to ensure that your dream events are always a Wynning Experience!

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