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Event Planning Trends for 2023

2023 is right around the corner. As we inch further and further away from 2020, we are seeing a continued return to normalcy in the world events, and oh, does it feel good. Events are back in full spring, and with their reemergence over the past two years, new trends have continued to emerge. As we look into 2023, we expect a few trends to highlight this next year. Let’s look at what you can expect for event planning trends in 2023.

8 Event Planning Trends for 2023

Like any new year, some trends will make their way into the new year, and others will fade away. Trends work in cycles and are informed by what the world needs and engages with. The pandemic year continues to inform trends moving forward as hybrid events take the main stage, but virtual events fade almost entirely away. Here’s what we think you’ll see as the hot trends in 2023.

Virtual-only Events are on the Decline

Can we get a “hallelujah”?! While virtual events sustained our industry for a certain period, they were a means to an end. As individuals have been able to gather more in person, we’ve seen the prevalence of virtual events waning. We expect to see the frequency of virtual events continue to decline in 2023.

Hybrid Events Are on the Rise

And with the decrease in virtual events, we expect hybrid events to rise. Does this mean people don’t want to gather in person as much? No. It points to the fact that hybrid events have opened up a whole new world, especially for corporate events. It means that individuals can join in events, regardless of their geographic location. With the plethora of options hybrid events offer, we expect their popularity to grow in 2023.

Event Data Matters

Due to the popularity of hybrid events and the associated technology, we expect companies to care more about event data, measurement, and analysis than ever before. When businesses try new things that cost big money, they want the data to support their investments.

People Want Eco-friendly Events

People now care about more than just the food and theme of your event. As we continue to be a more eco-conscious generation, attendees want to know how events make eco-friendly efforts in their production and operations. The final product will become just as important as how you produce your event. A greater number of green events will look to support corporate responsibility with sustainability in event planning and beyond.

Mobile Event Apps Will Be Popular

As we become increasingly dependent on technology, event attendees are coming to expect a certain level of technology convenience when they attend an event. Mobile event apps, in particular, are expected to grow in popularity in 2023, making events more interactive and increasing audience engagement.

People Want On-Demand Content

On-demand content will remain popular, but it’s important to note–people want options. They want to consume content on their own terms. For event producers, this will mean offering multiple ways to engage with your event–from hybrid event options to different social media channels to utilizing technology like mobile event apps to engage your audience base.

When used correctly, on-demand content will be an extremely effective marketing tool for event organizers in the new year. It allows you to quickly and easily create custom content relevant to your target audience, which can help improve customer engagement and conversions.

Companies are Delivering Event Experiences That Are Bigger Than Life

While some predicted that events would forever be small and intimate after the pandemic, quite the opposite is proving true. People have emerged from the pandemic more eager for in-person interaction and larger-than-life event experiences than ever before. Companies are taking advantage of this opportunity and delivering on the desire for big-time experiences.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Are Not As Popular As You Might Think

Speaking of technology, it’s interesting to note that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are not expected to make the big splash in 2023 that some might expect. Perhaps similarly to the declining popularity of virtual events, it is proving that people crave real-life, in-person interaction. While AR and VR may replace certain aspects of life, there are no signs they will replace the live element of events anytime in the near future.

Event Solutions for 2023

Whether you’re after business ROI or pure experience for your employees, events offer a whole new world of engagement and interaction. The world is your oyster in 2023, with continuing 2022 trends freshly evolving and new ideas emerging–anything is possible.

And with the right team of event professionals by your side, we’ll not only deliver on your event vision but create an experience that is both memorable and ROI-driven.Contact our team of experienced and talented event professionals at The Wynning Experience today.

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