• Allyson Wynn

DJ Turn the Music Down

Get the volume right. It is always better to have the DJ arrive early to do a walk-through and sound check to test and prepare the sound levels for your event. Event planners never want their client or their guests to leave the event with their ears ringing and a sore throat from trying to converse with the person sitting next to them. It is also equally important to test the microphone levels. There is nothing worse than speaking through a microphone that is too loud, too low, or shrieking resulting from feedback.

Depending on your venue, there may be limitations (like power supply, amplification or time-of-day restrictions) that affect the sound levels. Even without regulations, it's still a good idea to ask your venue manager what type of music typically works best for the space (for example, a soloist may feel tiny in a grand ballroom, but may work well for an intimate garden party). Regardless of the venue size and the choice of music, the only thing an event planner wants to hear at the close of an event is, WOW!

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