• Allyson Wynn

A few virtual tips and best practices…

Is there really such a thing as virtual etiquette? If not, professional norms should exist for every virtual meeting, event, class, etc. Here are a few virtual tips and best practices to be mindful of the next to you go virtual:

  • Avoid typing while in attendance or at least silence your keyboard.

  • Always dress for the unexpected. You never know whether you will have to appear on camera.

  • Avoid having distracting or location photos and/or objects in the background.

  • Only unmute when asked or when required.

  • Speak clearly and at an appropriate volume.

  • Try not to eat during your gatherings, especially when your camera is on.

  • Try to stay seated and attentive, unless absolutely necessary. You never know when you will be called upon to give input or answer a question.

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