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2023 Top Five International Summer Festivals

Ready to catch the adventure bug this summer? Why not jet off to some of the most exciting festivals around the world? From Japan to the Mother Land, we've scoured the globe to bring you the top summer festivals of 2023. So grab your passport and get ready for a wild ride! Don't miss out on the fun, join us for an unforgettable summer of festivity and adventure.

Photo Credit: NAF 2023 Homepage

Get ready to witness the biggest cultural event in Africa! Experience the vibrant and lively atmosphere as the usually calm streets of Grahamstown come to life with an array of colorful activities. This annual extravaganza features over 600 separate performances ranging from drama to music to stand-up comedy, drawing in local and international stars from all corners of the world. Every nook and cranny of the city is transformed into a stage - from rooms to parks to sports fields, and even flea markets - giving you endless entertainment options. Don't miss out on this amazing celebration of African culture!

Come explore Japanese culture at one of the biggest festivals in the country! The "Nebuta" festival in Aomori prefecture draws over 3.5 million people each year. Originating as a way to beat the summer heat, the festival takes place from August 2nd - 7th and features elaborately decorated giant floats made of wood and paper, surrounded by the beats of taiko drums, flutes, and hand cymbals. Best of all, admission is free! Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the festivities, and be sure to join the traditional haneto dance while you're there! (Photo Credit: Pohan Chen)

Get ready to have your mind blown, but keep your composure! The World Bodypainting Festival in Austria is not for the faint of heart. Talented artists from over 40 countries come together to transform nude bodies into works of art using an array of techniques like brushes, sponges, and airbrushes. The founder, Alex Barendregt, organized the first festival in 1998 as part of a new summer event in Seeboden, Austria. So, pack your bags and unlock your inner artist for a wild and unforgettable experience!

(Photo Credit: WBF Website)

Spain seems to be a country where there is always a good reason to hold a festival and the Feast of Sant Joan in Barcelona is no exception! Celebrating the longest day of the year and the start of the summer, festivals are held on the night of Sant Joan when the sun reaches its highest point, representing fertility, wealth, and strength, which is symbolized by bonfires and fireworks throughout the city.

Photo Credit: Andina/Percy Hurtado Santillan

Grab your sunglasses and head to Cusco, Peru, for the Inti Raymi Festival – aka the "Festival of the Sun"! Watch over 500 actors perform an ancient Inca ceremony in honor of the sun god. But wait, there's more! Feast on delicious food, boogie down to festive music, and snap pics of thousands of folks decked out in vibrant costumes. All in all, it's a 9-day winter solstice party held in the epic square of the Sacsayhuaman fortress. Don't miss it!

Hey there festival-goers! We want to hear about the most epic summer festival you've ever been to or if you're planning to take your festival game international. Don't hold back, share your stories in the comments below and get us all excited for some summer fun!

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