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Strategic Planning

Are you looking for a partner to take your event from concept to completion? WE are with you every step of the way, from start-to-finish. WE help you get to the “why” of an idea, design a strategy that includes your goals, objectives, interests, and ROI. The result: successful and customized event that truly reflects your brand and values.



WE manage all phases of registration including pre-registration, online and onsite support as well as badge creation. WE use tools that help measure success including capturing engagement data, collect feedback, administer polls and surveys.


Technical and A/V Support

WE will provide support for technical and A/V issues to ensure your audience has the best experience


Event Logistics and Vendor Management

WE understand that your event is an extension of your brand. Our team implements cost and time saving strategies and recommend innovative approaches that reflect the nuances of your industry. We will take care of the legwork while setting specific and measurable event goals and maintaining open lines of communication with you throughout the process. Resulting in a Win-Wynn for all.


Platform Selection and Management

WE will help select and/or provide guidance on virtual event platform that best suits your event goals, and manage materials needed to setup event on platform. No two events are the same. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you to the right virtual platform based on your priorities and program needs.


Pre and Post Event Analytics

WE will create reports and dashboards to view analytical data collected during the pre-event registration and and day-of event activities, then aggregate all data into a post event analysis report.


Venue Sourcing and Management

Your event is important, and finding the perfect and safe venue is essential for its success. WE will guide you through the process of selecting a venue that meets your needs, managing all the details along the way.


Experiential Design

When you collaborate with our team, you are not just getting a design company- you are getting an opportunity to create unique and memorable brand experiences that will engage your customers and leave them wanting more. WE specialize in evoking emotion and adding unexpected touchpoints to help brands stand out from the competition. With us, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level and truly win over your customers.

Why not host your next event with the latest in technology? You can choose between an on-premise versus cloud solution, catering to all types of meetings needs.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. Click here​ to schedule a meeting.

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