Planning Is A Process

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t rush perfection”? Well, in order to plan the perfect event, there must be adequate time to plan. Depending on the size of the event, planning could require two years or two months. The point is, planning is a process. Be prepared to give detailed descriptions of what you want when you meet with your Planner. Work with him or her to set deadlines for tasks and ordering. Make sure to establish open and honest communication.

The open and honest communication should include:
1. Date selection
2. Set event goals and objectives
     a. theme or purpose
3. Create detailed plan
     a. menu
     b. number of attendees
4. Do a cost analysis
5. Establish a budget
6. Lock down venue
    a. permits, licenses, insurance, etc.
    b. all details regarding registration, parking, signage, etc.
    c. security, if necessary
7. Book entertainment or DJ
8. Hire caterer
     a. Discuss menu
9. Hire staff, if needed
10. Discuss approvals, disapprovals and changes

Lastly, enjoy your well-thought out event! #Wynning

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