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Good Choice or Not

Good Choice or Not

When planning a meeting or event, one of the major things that must be decided is, who will speak and/or entertain the attendees. Please don’t take this lightly. Consider all your options. Do your homework. Sometimes a quick Google search is all one needs to do in order to decide if the person is a good choice or a very bad decision.

Too often, there seems to be an organization or corporation apologizing for something an invited speaker has said or done. Bad choices can plummet stock, effect non-profit donations, and in the worst case scenario, put you out of business. I am pretty sure you can name a few organizations or companies that wish they could have a do-over.

Let me be clear, it is difficult to manage a speaker or entertainer once the event has started and they are standing in front of an audience. However, there are things to do in advance to lessen the chances of a situation going awry in real-time. For instance, contact reputable speakers bureau, ask for an overview of the presentation or video clip, or contact The Wynning Experience to take care of the details (of course, I had to make that an option). But keep in mind, people with integrity do the right thing. People that appreciate an opportunity to inform and entertain will deliver time and time again.

As they say, when a person shows you who they are believe it. Don’t book a person thinking you can change them.

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