It is Okay to Keep it Simple

When Less is More With The Right Decor

Choosing the right decor for your fabulous event could mean the difference between hearing, “Ooo’s and Ahhh’s” and “We need to have a talk,” from your client. The latter is not something you want and ultimately not good for your business.  The topic of the day will provide tips to keep in mind when choosing the right decor for your event.  Gaudiness and overcompensation of decor at an event can be both distracting, bothersome, not to mention, put a major dent in your budget. Thinking “out of the box” and implementing fresh and innovative ideas when choosing decor will prove to be a rewarding asset to you and your client.

Tip #1:  Choose the Right Color Scheme – Choose vibrant and dazzling colors that enhance your client’s company logo or theme.  Take advantage of monochromatic schemes of color to layer, mix, and match possible decor layouts for your event.  This is the perfect formula for generating a multi-dimensional presentation of your decor savviness.  Doing so will not only impress your client and attendees, but create an ambiance that is enchanting and welcoming as well.

Tip #2:  Avoid Clustering of Patterns and Textures – If you choose a design that has tecture or is patterned (for instance, linens), go suttle with the remaining decor.

Tip #3:  Invoke the Power of the Flower – Flowers are nature’s masterpieces. Their vast array of colors and beauty promote nothing but good energy worldwide.  Flowers can do the same for your event.  Deter from choosing huge, over dramatic arrangements.  Small intimate arrangements are charming and can also be tailored to match the designated color scheme of your event.  Keep in mind that flowers for have odors and some of your guest may even be allergic, so it is always better to minimize your floral arrangements unless your client has specifically requested otherwise.

Tip #4:  Lighting Your Path to Success – Choosing the appropriate lighting for an event is just as important as the other aspects of your decor.  Too much lighting and the wrong type of lighting will have your client grumbling in no time.  Play with different colors and types of lighting.  Battery-powered lighting that can be tailored to match your event’s color scheme will enhance the whole experience of the event.  Utilizing your creativity will come in handy when designing center pieces.  Mix and match lighting and flowers.  Play with different heights…you options are only limited by your imagination.

Tip #5:  Hire a Professional – There is absolutely nothing wrong with contracting someone to fill in the gap where there is lack.  If decorating is not your strong point, then best thing to do is to hire a professional.  You can work in tandem with your decor specialist or a florist to add just the right amount of “je ne sais quoi” to make sure that the decor of your event is executed with stunning precision.

In closing,  less really is more when choosing the right decor in proportions that complementary and are aligned your event.  There are a number of inventive, economical, and imaginative ways to minimize the decor to give your event that “wow” factor to leave a favorable lasting impression on your client and their guests.

As always WE would like to wish you the best in all that you do!  If you have questions or comments please feel free to post them below or shoot me an email.

This is Allyson Wynn signing off and may all your events be a “Wynning Experience”!

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