Stop Trippin’

3 Tools That Will Drastically Reduce A/V Wire Accidents

One of the most common accidents at an event are those produced as a result of someone tripping over exposed A/V wiring.  To avoid not only injury to people, your ego, and your wallet (because you can be liable if someone trips), utilize the three tools listed below to ensure that all exposed wiring are taped down appropriately.  

Gaffer’s Tape

Avoid using duct tape as it can leave an icky, sticky residue behind.  The best tape for events is Gaffer’s Tape as it is designed for all types of surfaces including delicate and carpeted surfaces.


If you want to make taping down wiring a breeze, invest in a handy dandy G20NN0 GaffGun.  It provides accurate application in half the time.

Zip Ties

Multiple cords or wires can create a tangled mess. To neatly wrangle them in, use a combination of both Gaff Tape and Zip Ties.  Together they will make your wiring less noticable and less of an eye sore.

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