The Wynning Experience | Plan Events with All Attendees In Mind
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Plan Your Event with All Attendees In Mind

Plan Your Event with All Attendees In Mind

It is important to understand the Americans with Disabilities Act. Whether it is a small event, with a select group of attendees or whether it is a larger event with open attendance. Be sensitive to the physical needs of your attendees. Ensure that table heights, spacing and bathrooms are equipped for disabled attendees.

In addition:

  1. Have seating reserved for people who are:
    a.    hearing impaired to be near the interpreters, note-takers

b.   vision impaired

c.   short statured

d.  sign interpreters

e.  wheelchairs and motorized scooter users

f.  people accompanied by guide/service dogs

2.  Brief staff and volunteers for any special accommodations

3.  Parking signage

4.  Safe drop-off area

5.  Curb ramps

6.  Sidewalks

7.  Ramps

8.  Accessible routes inside the event

Most importantly, ensure that all attendees enjoy their experience.


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