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What’s On The Menu?

What’s On The Menu?

What’s an Event Planner to do? Gluten-free, Carb free, vegan, vegetarian or low-fat. Nutritional regimens and dietary needs play a significant role in food choices, therefore making them a top priority when planning an event. With each new year, event attendees shift their focus to the foods that will prolong and improve the quality of their health and life. Keeping this in mind, every Event Planner strives to create an enjoyable environment for everyone in attendance.

In order to create an enjoyable environment, the client must be upfront regarding anyone attending with eating restrictions. Those restrictions could include:

o Allergies
o Vegan
o Vegetarian
o Lactose Intolerance
o Peanut Allergies
o Diabetic
o Celiac Disease (Gluten Free)
o Kosher
o Halal

Menu selection can make  or break an event, choose wisely!

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