The Wynning Experience | WE Plan with all the Senses in Mind: Taste, Sight, Touch, Smell and Sound
WE Plan with all the Senses in Mind: Taste, Sight, Touch, Smell and Sound
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WE Plan with all the Senses in Mind: Taste, Sight, Touch, Smell and Sound

WE Plan with all the Senses in Mind: Taste, Sight, Touch, Smell and Sound

If you are a successful Event Planner, then you know that events are experiences that encompass all five senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Sound, and Taste. With this in mind, WE plan our events with all senses at heart, because that is exactly what a Wynning Experience is all about.

This frame of mind has garnered tremendous success for my Event Planning business, so I wanted to pass this little tidbit of information along to my fellow Event Planners.

When you plan an event from the attendees’ perspective, think about what they will:
See – what types of visuals do you have set-up for your event? Do they grasp the attention of participants? Are attendees left in awe? If the answer to these questions are “no”, then reassess the visuals and come up with something spectacular.
Smell – Is the cuisine prepared for the event tantalizingly aromatic? Do the foods you serve at your events draw long lines? If not, re-evaluate the types of foods and the food vendors you employ for your events.

If your event is not serving food, what smells would you like to dominate the air? Do you have a fully functioning A/C system that will provide a continuous flow of fresh air?

Feel – Are the seats comfortable? Is there seating in the resting or lobby areas? Is the linen soft to the touch or rough? If the environment is not a comfortable and welcoming space, attendees will take note.

Hear – What types of tunes are you playing at your events? Do they soothe and inspire? Do they get the crowd hype? Or do they cause a distraction? If the crowd is dead, you may want to have a little talk with your DJ about the music selection (or perhaps hire a new one altogether).

Taste – Nothing turns off guests more than nasty food. Ensure that before you employ a food vendor that you taste their finished products. Ask yourself, “Would you eat this food? Would you feed this food to your family and friends? If the answer is “no”, then I think you know exactly what needs to be done.

Do you plan events with your five senses in mind? Has this effected your Event Planning business in a positive or negative way? Do share below!

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As always, WE would like to wish you the best in all that you do! This is Allyson Wynn signing off and may all your events be a “Wynning Experience”!


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