The Wynning Experience | The Perfect Corporate Holiday Party Checklist (Part 2)
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The Perfect Corporate Holiday Party Checklist (Part 2)

The Perfect Corporate Holiday Party Checklist (Part 2)

The Perfect Corporate Holiday Party Checklist (Part 2)

‘Tis the season to be jolly and you will be even jollier if you follow this fool-proof checklist
to planning the perfect corporate holiday checklist. Yesterday, we covered the basics and today we get down to the meat of the corporate party of the year that you, The Event Planning Extraordinaire, is in charge of planning.

Entertainment – Does your client want a live band or a DJ? Book the entertainment as early as possible.

A/V – This is a very important element if your client wants to include an awards ceremony, live band, or speeches.

Prizes, Presents, and Gift Giving – Some companies like to give away prizes or goodie bags during their festive parties while others like the idea of Secret Santa. Be sure to go over this with your client to see which option they prefer.

Winter Wonderland for the Kiddies – If you are planning a holiday party where children will be in attendance, set aside an area just for the kids. Hire Santa to take pictures, provide goodie bags, coloring books, crayons, balloons, or finger foods that kids love to eat. Make it fun for them too, if not, you’ll have a room full of very unhappy children.

Decor – Be mindful that everyone does not celebrate “Christmas,” so keep the decorations festive, but not religious in nature.

Programs & Itineraries – If the holiday party you are planning is a big shin-dig, then provide the attendees with an itinerary or a program detailing the night. This will curtail any confusion that may arise during this event.

Clean-Up Crew – Make sure you have a clean-up crew in place to make sure everything is left as it should be.

Thank Yous and Feedback – After a festive night, send out the appropriate “thank you” cards and also surveys for the employees. The surveys will afford you the opportunity to make next year’s celebration better than the last.

This completes this edition of planning the perfect corporate holiday party, now it’s time for you to get down to business and plan that awesomely festive corporate holiday party that will have employees decking the halls with praises! As always WE would like to wish you the best in all that you do! If you have questions or comments please feel free to post them below or shoot me an email.

This is Allyson Wynn signing off and may all your events be a “Wynning Experience”!

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