The Wynning Experience | Six Easy Tips To Promote Your Events on Facebook
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Six Easy Tips To Promote Your Events on Facebook

Six Easy Tips To Promote Your Events on Facebook

Six Easy Tips To Promote Your Events on Facebook

When it comes to promoting your event, there are many avenues at your disposal. With technology and social media constantly advancing, successfully promoting your event is literally at your fingertips. Facebook is one of the internet’s most dominant forms of social media, reaching people on all corners of the planet AND it’s free! Advertising your event on Facebook is both lucrative and easy. Today, I will provide a six easy tips on how you can successfully advertise and promote your event on Facebook.

Tip #1 – Create An Event

When it comes to creating an event on Facebook, it is only a matter of filling in the blanks. You can easily create an event using this link The more details you provide for potential attendees, the better!

Tip #2 – Change Your Cover Pic

Every Facebook page has a cover pic and you can use this space to initially draw attention to your event. It will be the first thing people see when they visit your page. Make sure your cover pic is eye-catching and dramatic.

Tip #3 – Start Inviting Friends

Click like you have never clicked before and invite everyone and their mother. You can use your friend’s list to complete this simple task.

Tip #4 – Post Cool Videos Advertising Your Event

Posting videos is a cool and fun way to advertise your event on Facebook. If you are not technically savvy, hire someone to produce one for you. My favorite place to hire someone to produce a fun video for Facebook is Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that offers tons of services for only $5. ( for more details)

Tip #5 – Post Event Details to Your Wall

This can be done at a frequency of your choice. Be creative and think outside the box when advertising your event. You want your posts to be attention grabbing, so keep that in mind when writing such posts. Boring posts are often ignored and scrolled over without consideration. Include registration information and links as well.

Tip #6 – Implement A Contest or Giveaway

Nothing will draw people to your page faster than a giveaway. You can implement a contest that includes participants “liking and sharing your posts” a certain number of times, or you can post quirky questions to be answered. Be creative as you like. The more creative you are, the more fun people will have advertising your event. Prizes can include tickets to your event or VIP status. It’s all up to you!

Now that you are armed with the power of the Facebook Gods, get out there and let the world know how awesome your event s going to be!

As always WE would like to wish you the best in all that you do! If you have questions or comments please feel free to post them below or shoot me an email.

This is Allyson Wynn signing off and may all your events be a “Wynning Experience”!

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